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Music Video 

 I'm excited to share this lyric video for the song, "Taken," off my new EP!  What I love about this video is that each shot captures this idea of being captivated or "taken" by something grand.  That is what this song is about: coming to a place where you can't help but move forward because something amazing has taken hold of you.  There's no other option but to follow it because everything about it captivates you, makes you curious, and just seems better than where you were at.  As you watch this video and listen to this song, I hope you'll experience just a little bit of that.  Let me know what you experience when you watch this!

New EP Released 

I am excited to announce that my new EP is now available for purchase and download! 

Check it out in the STORE.

I have spent the better part of the year recording and mixing these tracks into what I think is a great example of who I am as an artist.  These songs are pop-rock/singer-songwriter driven and contain melodies and hooks that I think you'll find stick with you for quite a while.

The EP is titled "Give it Up."  This is the title of track 5 but you will find that theme in every single one of these songs.  Over the last year and through a number of different circumstances in my life, I've come to experience that the only way to move forward and find freedom and peace is to let go - in a sense, to give up.  Let go of who I thought I was.  Let go of what I though to be true.  Let go of the path I thought I was supposed to follow.  Through that process I have come to see the world and my life in a brand new way.  The world and the universe is much bigger than I thought it was, and it is extraordinarily beautiful!  I'm able to press into joy and suffering because I no longer am forcing my life, but letting it unfold.  I've given up leading and have started to truly follow.  There is goodness, joy, and freedom in that.  The things that I thought to be true have either fallen to the wayside or become much more vibrant than before.

This EP is an expression of that experience.  I hope that as you listen to it that you will be brought into my experience and that you might get a sense of that goodness and freedom as well.


One of my favorite events of the year is the Thanksgiving Eve worship gathering.  I love it because everyone arrives in a good mood ready for feasting and a long weekend.  Spirits are high as they gather to give thanks for a lot of different things - good and bad.  I get the chance to play some music and lead these folks in singing together.  It's a great night and it's always capped off with pie and ice cream.  Just a little something to help get us ready for the actual feast the next day.

Here's wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.  I'm hoping your long weekend brings food, rest, and joy!

World Premiere 

This past weekend I got the opportunity to perform for the first time since finishing my new batch of songs, "Taken."  It was so cool to share this song for a gathering of about 300-400 people.  The cool thing about live music is that each performance only ever happens once in the entire history of universe.  When you get to be a part of that, whether as a performer or a listener, it's a very special thing.  There's a pretty unique connection that happens between the audience and performer as these thoughts, feelings, ideas, and melodies go out and surround us and fill us.  I hope as concert goers and performers we never lose sight of this.  It truly is a unique experience of community.  

Check out the song "TAKEN"

If you're interested in having me join you for a performance or having me come out and perform for you and your community, please CONTACT ME.

Masters of the Universe 

It has taken about a year to get this new batch of songs recorded and mixed, and with the help of Dynamic Sound Service out of Seattle, WA, we have a completed project!  These masters are certainly worthy of Eternia and I'm sure He-Man and She-Ra would be rocking out to these as they get psyched up to take on Skeletor or some other villain (or maybe just to chill in castle Greyskull after a long day).  In any case, I'm excited that they are here. 


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